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CEME翻译(CEMA Interpreter)


“CEMA Interpreter” , a series of mobile phone software, was officially released to the world on April 27, 2010. As the first multi-language interpretation of mobile phone software, it’s powerful real-time translation capabilities can support up to 14 voice interpretations in English, Japanese, Russian, German , French, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, Turkish, Thai, Chinese etc.. It has been widely used in Apple, Sony Ericsson, Motorola , Google, Lenovo and other brands of mobile phones. CEMA Interpreter Series software (formerly named ABC Interpreter as a beta) is designed to facilitate cross-border travelers. Just by downloading on the Internet “CEMA Interpreter” and installing to your phone, you can carry a conversation to solve exotic problems and integrage into foreign land customs. It was favorable and highly praised by global mobile phone users when launched for the first time.

The experts from Translators Association of China said, as a milestone in China, CEMA Interpreter software filled the gaps in the field of self-interpretation. It is estimated that Cema will provide unprecedented convenience for more than 70 million visitors in the Shanghai World Expo.
   Recently, the U.S. Apple’s Web site has kindly recommended CEMA Interpreter to the Shanghai World Expo, the World Cup in South Africa and foreign tourists.



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